2019 March 21 Meeting: Let’s talk databases in python!

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2019 March 21 Meeting: Let’s talk databases in python!

Mark Wong
Time: 6pm-8pm

Location: https://www.pdx.edu/accelerator/directions

PSU Business Accelerator
2828 SW Corbett Ave · Portland, OR
Parking is open after 5pm.
Room 208 (on the second floor)

Speaker: Hannah Stepanek

Let’s talk databases in python! What’s an ORM? Is there a way to write
database queries so that they are compatible with multiple types of
databases? How do you make database changes (such as adding a new table
or a new column) safely? What is a connection pool and why is it useful?
What are some things that can go wrong when operating at scale? In this
talk we’ll take a deep dive into how the python libraries sqlalchemy and
alembic make managing production databases simple, efficient, and
painless so you can get back to feature development.

Hannah has been working in industry for over 6 years as a python
software engineer. She currently works at Hypothesis, a web application
for annotating web pages and pdfs. In her spare time she enjoys riding
her horse Sophie and playing board games.