Add FOREIGN to ALTER TABLE in pg_dump

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Add FOREIGN to ALTER TABLE in pg_dump

Luis Carril
    pg_dump creates plain ALTER TABLE statements even if the table is a foreign table, which for someone reading the dump is confusing.
    This also made a difference when applying the dump if there is any plugin installed that hooks on ProcessUtility, because the plugin could react differently to ALTER TABLE than to ALTER FOREIGN TABLE.  Opinions?

    An unrelated question: if I apply pgindent to a file (in this case pg_dump.c) and get a bunch of changes on the indentation that are not related to my patch, which is the accepted policy? A different patch first with only the indentation?  Maybe, am I using pgindent wrong?

Luis M Carril

0001-Add-FOREIGN-to-ALTER-statements.patch (9K) Download Attachment