Any PG contributors in Taiwan?

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Any PG contributors in Taiwan?

Tsung Hsi Lin
​i !​

Taiwan PostgreSQL User Group wants to find PG contributors in Taiwan to develop tools and train new member to contribute projects. Please contact me by email or FB message. Thanks.
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PostgreSQL Taiwan FB:

The same message in Traditional Chinese:
台灣PostgreSQL社群(TWPUG)正在尋找有貢獻PG程式碼經驗的夥伴,希望在台灣能夠訓練一些年輕人實際參與PG的開源專案,或是一起開創一些新的PG工具或技術專案,如果對詳細內容有興趣,請用Email或FB社群留言跟我聯絡。謝謝 :D
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台灣 PostgreSQL 粉絲團:

Lin Tsung-Hsi
Taiwan PostgreSQL User Group