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Are these normal?

Oluwatope Akinniyi-2

I am sorry if I have to post this the third term having not recieved any response on the earlier two posts. I had also checked the archive for a possible answer but could get any.

I installed a working SSL Certificate on Windows XPSP2 and Fedora Core 4.

The PostgreSQL 8.0.3 Documentation states the following in the creation of SSL certificates for SSL connection:

"Fill out the information that openssl asks for. Make sure that you enter the local host name as "Common Name"

I have two surprises:

1.   The Server starts with certificate having Common Name that is entirely different from the local host name on both Windows XP and Fedora.
2.   The Server starts with certificate having expired validity on both Windows XP and Fedora.

Please, are these normal?


Tope Akinniyi

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