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PG Bug reporting form
The following bug has been logged on the website:

Bug reference:      15876
Logged by:          Vijeesh ks
Email address:      [hidden email]
PostgreSQL version: 11.3
Operating system:   w10

I am not here  to report a bug.  But to put up a suggestion. But your
intuitive ui(improve urself) to give a feedback landed me in this page... I
am from oracle background and now exploring postgres. The key to success for
any product or venture is the first point of interaction u have.. In case of
oracle its not sqlplus or sqldeveloper its toad where u feel home ....So
regarding pgadmin i would like to say few things....
1. Whenever u click on a table on the left pane, the right pane should be
populated with an editable data of that table...This is the fundamental
requirement of any db...Please note if i click any table , its data should
be populated on right pane with edit option(insert,delete and update ).

2. When i click on the create option (create script , insert script, select
script etc...) no need to open a new window ..just copy the script to the
clipboard...so that  i can copy the code to existing window....

3. Whenever you open any connection , the first thing to be opened on the
right pane should be the query tool... not any statistics....cause i am not
worried of stats ...i am interested in queries...

4. Last but not the least ....there should be two options to execute queries
in query tool...F5 to execute the entire script (whatever is available in
the editor ), F9 to execute everything minus ; to everything plus ; ..It
means F9 should execute everything between semicolumns  nearest to the
cursor in upper and lower direction...

5. Oh...one more thing...while editing tables( point 1), if a column is a
foreign key, clicking the cell should bring up the corresponding table and
enter key should populate the key in the cell..
6. If u have any clarification ,please feel free to ping me....cause the
user feedback is the success key for everything and i want this to
improve.....Thank u....

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Daniel Gustafsson
> So
> regarding pgadmin i would like to say few things….

This bug reporting form, and website where it’s located, is for the PostgreSQL
database server, pgAdmin is a separate tool from the server software.  To
communicate with the pgAdmin devleopers please see the resources listed on


Thank you for your interest in PostgreSQL!

cheers ./daniel