BUG #1845: pg_dump data only COPY wrong order

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BUG #1845: pg_dump data only COPY wrong order

Carlos Chávez

The following bug has been logged online:

Bug reference:      1845
Logged by:          Carlos Chávez
Email address:      [hidden email]
PostgreSQL version: 8.0.3-1
Operating system:   Fedora Cora 4 kernel-2.6.12-1.1398
Description:        pg_dump data only COPY wrong order

Hello to all.
 I think this is a BUG, the order of the instruction COPY are generated in
wrong order, this is part of my schema of the database:

CREATE TABLE coempleadora
    coe_id               int4           not null default
    coe_nombreempresa    varchar(40)    unique not null,
    coe_nombrecomercial  varchar(100)   unique not null,    

    primary key(coe_id),

    CHECK(coe_admin BETWEEN 0 AND 1)

CREATE TABLE cocliente
    coe_id                      int4            not null,
    coc_id                      int4            not null default
    coc_nombreempresa           varchar(40)     unique not null,
    coc_nombrecomercial         varchar(100)    unique not null,
    primary key(coe_id,coc_id),

    foreign key(coe_id) references coempleadora(coe_id) on update CASCADE  

 when i use pg_dump the file generated have first the COPY for the table
cocliente and then they have the COPY for coempleadora, this are wrong.

when i use pg_dump with postgresql-7.4.8-1 the order for the instruction
COPY are in the correct Order.

 so, any idea about hits ?

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