BUG #2081: ODBC numeric(12,6) SQL_C_CHAR clobbered data

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BUG #2081: ODBC numeric(12,6) SQL_C_CHAR clobbered data

Farid Zidan

The following bug has been logged online:

Bug reference:      2081
Logged by:          Farid Z
Email address:      [hidden email]
PostgreSQL version: 8.1
Operating system:   Windows 2000
Description:        ODBC numeric(12,6) SQL_C_CHAR clobbered data

Server 8.1, ODBC driver PostgreSQL ANSI
Driver clobbers data retrieving numeric(12,6) into a SQL_C_CHAR buffer (
allocated buffer size 21 bytes ) ANSI application. numeric( 12,4)works ok.
you can download copy of the application from

CREATE TABLE test_numeric
  price numeric(12,6),

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