BUG IN PGAdmin 4 using AVG function

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BUG IN PGAdmin 4 using AVG function

Good afternoon

I have been working with PGAdmin 4 with no issues, as it is a great user interface.

The issue I am having has to do with the AVG function when using PGAdmin 4.

The query I am using is:

SELECT AVG(salary) FROM employees;

Using PGAdmin 4, the result returned is 4000000000, or 4 BILLION!

Using SQL Shell (psql), the result returned isĀ 91571.594000000000, which is correct.

If I unnecessarily change the query to read:

SELECT ROUND(AVG(salary)) FROM employees;

This causes the correct result, which was the same result calculated by psql.

I am including the mock_data.sql file of the tables and data used, which is identical to the original used in Udemy course Master SQL for Data Science.

Apologies if the format is out of the ordinary, this is my first bug report, however I think it is something that definitely needs brought to your attention.

Thank you,
James Ragain
SQL Data Analyst

mock-data.sql (163K) Download Attachment