[BUGS] BUG #1690: Problem with COPY command

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[BUGS] BUG #1690: Problem with COPY command

Ralph Moser-3

The following bug has been logged online:

Bug reference:      1690
Logged by:          Ralph Moser
Email address:      [hidden email]
PostgreSQL version: 8.0.2
Operating system:   Windows XP Pro / Linux
Description:        Problem with COPY command


If i dump a SQL_ASCII database and then try to restore it i get the
following message:

pg_restore: ERROR:  extra data after last expected column
KONTEXT:  COPY settings, line 50: "menuemsg Hauptmen??
nemno Nein, zur??ck ins Hauptmen??
nemyes Ja, einen Schritt zur??ck"
pg_restore: [Archivierer (DB)] Fehler in PQendcopy

But if i choose the "With insert commands" option the error doesn't occour.
I think this is an error in the COPY command. It interprets an umlaut as a
field seperator.
My problem is that i can't backup OIDs if i use my workaround.

Yours sincerly
Ralph Moser

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