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Buildfarm Client Feature release

Andrew Dunstan

I'm very pleased that we now have support for testing PLs - it was an
unfortunate hole.

All buildfarm members are *strongly* encouraged to upgrade to the latest

URL for download:

As announced on pgfoundry:

Version 2.05 of the buildfarm client has been released and is available
for downloading.

New features in this release:
. support for reporting results through a web proxy when behind a firewall
. support for running tests on server-side programming languages.

PL support only works on those CVS branches where the tests conform to
the standard pg_regress mechanism. Currently this is only the HEAD
branch, but will eventually be on the stable 8.1 and later branches.

This should give an extra incentive to PL authors and users to improve
the tests for their languages, as they can now get the tests
automatically run very widely by the buildfarm members.