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Buildfarm migration/upgrade

Stephen Frost

As of a few hours ago, the primary buildfarm server (brentalia) was
migrated to a new server (brekka).

The migration happened with relatively little fanfare this morning
(US/Eastern time anyway).  As far as we can tell, no uploads were missed
and there was only one minor glitch when it came to loading the
dashboard page which was quickly resolved.  If anyone notices any
issues, please let us know.

The new buildfarm primary server is running Debian/buster, with PG v12.
We've also made some changes such that the raw uploads to brekka will be
saved until/unless they're imported into the database, allowing us to
reload anything uploaded, should there be any issues when it comes to
importing the run into PG.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



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