Create a non-owner administrator in rds postgresql

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Create a non-owner administrator in rds postgresql

Antonio Gomez


What we're looking to do is to create a new master user in Postgresql in AWS RDS that does not take ownership of existing objects but has all the rights to manage existing objects in all databases.

We know that we can grant a new user the rights of rds_superuser.

However, when we create a connection with this new user we try to query a database, we get a permission denied error. So just granting superuser rights doesn't do much, seemingly.

Since the ultimate goal is to be able to CRUD in ALL databases in the cluster, including managing foreign servers and user mappings, etc, (without taking ownership of existing objects), would this mean that we necessarily have to loop over all the databases and schemas and functions, etc... to grant permissions to this new user for all those things one by one?

Or is there a quicker way?