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Discount Codes for PGDay FOSDEM

gülçin yıldırım
Hello all,

I've recently brought the topic of discount code for women at Postgres
EU Board. We agreed on that we can create 10 discount codes and give
them out to Postgres Women and Postgres Women can decide how to
deliver these free tickets for PGDay FOSDEM.

My idea was for that to attract the women talent who decided to come
to FOSDEM already and interested in Postgres specifically. And 50 euro
ticket cost may not be too much for most of us but for someone who
needs to keep a budget that can make a lot of difference.

The result of our board discussion was having some rules (or a small
guideline) on how to get give out these codes. So we need to write up
a small text and maybe ask for a motivation email from those who would
like to get one of the codes.

We can discuss this in detail at the upcoming dinner but I wanted to
start the thread already so we can exchange ideas.