ECPG: New compatibility mode is case sensitive

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ECPG: New compatibility mode is case sensitive

Ashutosh Sharma

While trying to explore on a new compatibility mode (ORACLE mode) in
ecpg, I could see that for ORACLE mode we do case sensitive comparison
(using strncmp) whereas for other two modes
we do case independent comparison(using pg_strcasecmp) which means if
user is trying to compile ecpg application in oracle mode, he/she will
have to take care of the cases but, that's not true for informix or
informix_se modes. How about doing case-independent comparison for
ORACLE mode as well.?

Please have a look at the following examples for details

[ashu@localhost bin]$ ./ecpg -C oracle test.pc
Try "./ecpg --help" for more information.
[ashu@localhost bin]$ ./ecpg -C INFORMIX test.pc
[ashu@localhost bin]$ ./ecpg -C informix test.pc

With Regards,
Ashutosh Sharma