Force Reconnect of streaming replication

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Force Reconnect of streaming replication

Hannes Erven

consider a PG10 master center, streaming via internet to another site. The receiving site has a fast primary uplink and much slower backup link.

When the primary link goes down, all traffic is routed through the backup connection. The streaming replication's connection drops and is automatically re-establish over the backup link.

But when the primary link comes up again, the replication will still use the already established connection via the slow backup link.

If I kill the wal_sender process on the master, the slave will immediately reconnect over the "best" available link.
But is this really the best way to force PG to re-connect the replication?

I guess I could as well kill the wal-receiving process on the slave but still I'm hesitating to put something like "killall pg_walsender" in a cronjob...

Is there a better way?

Thanks for your opinions,
best regards