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[GENERAL] XA connection problem


I'm working on carrying out application on Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

The server is weblogic.
For Oracle we use XA connection but there isn't in PostgreSQL so I try to use XA emulate Connection taht allows weblogic. But I don't succeed to use it correctly.
The connection seems correct, but at a time, the server uses the method getXAResource() and this method return null and an error is produced.

I've checked the case "Emulate XA connection" on my weblogic server connection.

When i create my connection I do,

Connection cx = getPostgresqlDataSource().getConnection();
return new ManagedConnectionImpl(this, pwdCred, null, cx, false, false);

and getPostgresqlDataSource is :
private javax.sql.DataSource getPostgresqlDataSource() throws ResourceException
      InitialContext initialContext = new InitialContext();
      return (javax.sql.DataSource)initialContext.lookup(ADOCProperties.getKeyValue(ADOCProperties.
    catch (Exception e)
      return null;

Is somebody have an idea ?

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