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I am inquiring into the program Parallel access. How do I eile it from my device/ data completetly.  I don't believe ir is reliable... a broken laptop might have had the harddrive taken by a "friend" and accessed my account through this avenue. 

I am also wondering what you know about phone numbers... I had +61 0487653571- but just broke my phone. I will get a new number today and need to change it for my verification apps.  is there a way to make sure this sim number cannot be replicated. I realise all my phone numbers have dissappeared over the past are of everything and see that I am struggling- some might be inhibiting the process. Hence why it has taken a year to get anywhere. MY new email I will use id : [hidden email] after I phase out this sight. Getting my device to flow has not been easy. IF I thought that you needed access to help that would be ok... it doesn look lileb
New phone number to be updated soon. 

Please help,