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May "meeting" + PyCon

Gabrielle R
Hey team!

If you haven't been to a meeting lately, you've probably missed us talking about PyCon (  It's in Portland this year, May 17-25.

Mark's arranged for us to have a Postgres booth in the expo hall;  it'll be open Thursday evening for the opening reception, then all day Friday and Saturday.  Since the Thursday event coincides with our regular meeting, we're just combining the two events - so come to PyCon Thursday May 18th.  Unlike OSCON, PyCon is not requiring folks to register for the opening reception, so just show on up.

(I'll send out the usual meeting reminder with a few more details a couple weeks before the actual "meeting".)

We also need folks to help us staff the booth!  All you need to do is hang around and answer Postgres questions.  Don't worry if you're a beginner or feel like you don't know much;  there will be several of us there to help out!  Booth volunteers get a custom tee with the new PDXPUG logo!

Thanks & see you there!