ORC FDW v1.0.0 is Released

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ORC FDW v1.0.0 is Released

Hamid Akhtar
ORC Foreign Data Wrapper version 1.0.0 is released!

HighgoSoftware Inc. (Canada) just released an initial version of ORC Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW). 

Apache upgraded Hive to use ORC format. ORC is a much superior format to RC and Parquet. Behind the scenes, ORC utilities Protocol Buffers which make it superior to JSON and XML format in terms of storage and read/write performance.

This initial version of ORC FDW allows read only capabilities with the option of importing schema directly from an Apache ORC file. It is a mix of C and C++ code. Feel free to pull it in from github and/or get in touch with me for more details and any help with deployment and testing of this foreign data wrapper.

github: https://github.com/HighgoSoftware/orc_fdw/

In the meantime, we are continuously working on adding more features to this FDW. We look forward to your feedback which will help us improve it significantly.

Highgo Software (Canada/China/Pakistan)
URL : www.highgo.ca
ADDR: 10318 WHALLEY BLVD, Surrey, BC
CELL:+923335449950  EMAIL: mailto:[hidden email]
SKYPE: engineeredvirus