PHP App Install Scripts and PostgreSQL

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PHP App Install Scripts and PostgreSQL

Google Mike
What would you say is good application installation ettiquette for a
PHP application that uses PostgreSQL? I mean, figuring that a default
PostgreSQL pg_hba.conf is locked down, and there are other ways that
this file can be configured, one cannot assume anything.

When thinking of this PHP's application installation, on one side of
the spectrum, we have something reasonable with poor to fair
ettiquette, perhaps. On the other side of the spectrum, nothing is
assumed in pg_hba.conf, and the PHP application installation has to
consider many factors and ask several questions. Some of these
installation wizard questions would be like:

* Is your PostgreSQL database local or remote?
* Does your PostgreSQL database reside on default ports?
* Does your PostgreSQL database require that all accounts use
* What types of passwords are permitted with your PostgreSQL database?
(trust, md5, crypt, plain-text, krb5, ident, pam)
* What ID do you wish to use to connect to this database?
* etc., etc.

So, when thinking of building your PHP application's installation
script, what are your thoughts on this? Has anyone considered
"standard" practices for this?

P.S. If we're not thinking of this topic, then wouldn't you say this
might be one reason why PostgreSQL is not as widely used as MySQL?
(Don't get me wrong -- I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL.)

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