Pgpool-II 4.1 beta1 is now released.

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Pgpool-II 4.1 beta1 is now released.

Bo Peng
Pgpool-II is a tool to add useful features to PostgreSQL, including
connection pooling, load balancing, automatic fail over and more.

Pgpool-II 4.1 beta1 is now relased.

This is not intended to be used in production but is close to the
release version. So users are encouraged to test it out.

V4.1 has new features:

* Statement level load balancing.
* Auto failback.
* Enhance performance in number of areas.
  - Shared relation cache allows to reuse relation cache among sessions
    to reduce internal queries against PostgreSQL system catalogs.
  - Have separate SQL parser for DML statements to eliminate unnecessary parsing effort.
  - Load balancing control for specific queries.
* Reduce Internal Queries against System Catalogs.
* Import PostgreSQL 12 SQL parser.
* etc.

You can download it from:

Please see the release notes at:
Bo Peng <[hidden email]>
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan