PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta 4 Released

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PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta 4 Released


The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces today that the fourth beta
release of PostgreSQL 9.6 is available for download. This release contains
previews of all of the features which will be available in the final release of
version 9.6, including fixes to many of the issues found in the first and
second betas.  Users are encouraged to continue testing their applications
against 9.6 beta 4.

Changes Since Beta 3

9.6 Beta 4 includes the security fixes in the 2016-08-11 Security Update, as
well as the general bug fixes offered for stable versions. Additionally, it
contains fixes for the following beta issues reported since the last beta:

* Change minimum max_worker_processes from 1 to 0
* Make array_to_tsvector() sort and de-duplicate the given strings
* Fix ts_delete(tsvector, text[]) to cope with duplicate array entries
* Fix hard to hit race condition in heapam's tuple locking code
* Prevent "snapshot too old" from trying to return pruned TOAST tuples
* Make INSERT-from-multiple-VALUES-rows handle targetlist indirection
* Do not let PostmasterContext survive into background workers
* Add missing casts in information schema
* Fix assorted problems in recovery tests
* Block interrupts during HandleParallelMessages()
* Remove unused arguments from pg_replication_origin_xact_reset function
* Correctly handle owned sequences with extensions
* Many fixes for tsqueue.c
* Eliminate a few more user-visible "cache lookup failed" errors
* Teach parser to transform "x IS [NOT] DISTINCT FROM NULL" to a NullTest
* Allow functions that return sets of tuples to return simple NULLs
* Repair damage done by citext--1.1--1.2.sql
* Correctly set up aggregate FILTER expression in partial-aggregation plans

This beta also includes many documentation updates and improvements.

Due to changes in system catalogs, a pg_upgrade or pg_dump and restore will be
required for users migrating databases from earlier betas.

Note that some known issues remain unfixed.  Before reporting a bug in the
beta, please check the Open Items page.

Beta Schedule

This is the fourth beta release of version 9.6. The PostgreSQL Project will
release additional betas as required for testing, followed by one or more
release candidates, until the final release in late 2016. For further
information please see the Beta Testing page: 


* Downloads Page:
* Beta Testing Information:
* 9.6 Beta Release Notes:
* What's New in 9.6:
* 9.6 Open Items:

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