PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.17 released

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PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.17 released

PostgreSQL Core Team via PostgreSQL Announce
PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.17 released

PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.17 released

Due to some small issues with the way GSS Encryption was implemented we have released 42.2.17. The major change is not to attempt a GSS Encrypted connection by default.

There were a number of small issues fixed:

  • Avoid NullPointerException when receiving PGbox, PGcircle, PGline, PGlseg, PGpath, PGpoint, PGpolygon, and PGmoney PR 1873..
  • The driver returns enum and jsonb arrays elements as String objects (like in 42.2.14 and earlier versions) PR 1879.
  • PgTokenizer was ignoring last empty token PR #1882
  • Remove osgi from karaf fixes Issue #1891 PR #1902

See the complete list of changes here

Thanks to everyone who contributed !