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Benjamin Schulz
Hi, all

we are looking for a junior and a senior PostgreSQL Administrator and Architect in Berlin, Germany. Remote is possible.

# Responsibilities
- maintain, monitor and optimize our PostgreSQL databases and related code (pl/pgsql)
- review of SQL and liquibase changesets written by backend developers
- further development of the database architecture
- testing with pgtap
- deployment with liquibase

# Requirements
- several years of experience with PostgreSQL
- strong programming experience in pl/pgsql
- strong understanding of query/execution plans
- deep insight into replication, partitioning and foreign data wrappers
- experience with complex types like jsonb and hstore
- comfortable working with Atlassian Bamboo, Bitbucket, JIRA & Confluence

A german profile is available as PDF at

You can reach me using mail or at Freenode or EFNet under the nick name benjamin .

foo • financial engineering
An den Treptowers 1 • D-12435 Berlin
+49 (0)30 23 25 636 -10 • [hidden email]

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