Postgres 9.6 Slave Creation

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Postgres 9.6 Slave Creation

Eric Katchan


We have recently upgraded our postgres cluster from 9.1 to 9.6.  we are having a difficult time creating our slave server.  We have encountered the "contrecord is requested" error which is preventing the slave from starting up.  We have recreated the slave , still no luck.  Our master is running apparently without issue.  We did not use the pg_basebackup command but the 




How can we debug?  I am afraid to stop and start our master server in case there is data corruption and it will not start.  I have however successfully restored the database using a pg_dump onto another machine  (I understand that this cannot be used for slave creation, I just wanted to verify that I could restore the new upgraded db).  Would it be better to use the streaming pg_basebackup command?

Please advise.