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Re: [GENERAL] Linux user authentication problem

Richard Huxton
Inpreet Singh wrote:
> Hello Sir,

Please don't email people directly - instead, send your messages to one
of the mailing lists. Apart from anything else, your email may not get

> I am facing a problem on my linux server. After some hours of usage my
> linux server refuses to authenticate users. I tried to login using root
> as well as simple user but it always flags error message, "permission
> denied". So I need to restart my server in order to log into server. I
> check /var/log/messages file and got this following msg

> May 20 17:35:40 iemstesting kernel: VFS: file-max limit 26105 reached

Do a google search on this error message. I'm not sure how many
processes you have running on the machine, and which use all the files
but I'm guessing that's the problem. It probably can't create some
crucial file when you try to ssh in.

   Richard Huxton
   Archonet Ltd

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