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Re: [HACKERS] Allow change of kerberos service name without recompilation

Bruce Momjian-2

We have modified your patch and it will appear in 8.1.  Thanks.


Daniel Ahlin wrote:

> Hi
> This is a two part patch against 7.4.5 implementing the option of
> configuring what is now set using the #defined constant PG_KRB_SRVNAM
> (the name of the service part of the kerberos principal the server
> uses).
> On the backend it can be configured by the (new) string option
> krb_srvnam in postgresql.conf.
> On the client it can be configured by setting the environment variable
> The default setting (for both) is the value given by PG_KRB_SRVNAM
> mentioned above.

Content-Description: Patch for backend

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Content-Description: Interface patch

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> The use of this is mainly if several different users want to run their
> own instance of postgresql on the same machine.
> Regards
> Daniel Ahlin

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