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Re: [HACKERS] How two perform TPC-H test on postgresql-8.0.2

Merlin Moncure
[moved to pgsql-performance]
> > Currently I want to take a TPC-H test on postgresql-8.0.2. I
> > downloaded the DBGEN and QGEN from the homepage of TPC. But I
> encountered
> > many problems which forced me to request some help. 1. How to load
> data
> > from flat file generated by dbgen tool? To the best of my knowledge,
> there
> > is a SQL Loader in Oracle 2. How to simulate the currency
> > Where can I download a client which connects to DB server through
> Get DBT3 from Sourceforge (search on "osdldbt").  This is OSDL's
> test.
> However, given your knowledge of PostgreSQL you're unlikely to get any
> kind of
> result you can use -- TPCH requires siginficant database tuning

I don't necessarily agree.  In fact, I remember reading the standards
for one of the TPC benchmarks and it said you were not supposed to
specifically tune for the test.  Any submission, including one with
stock settings, should be given consideration (and the .conf settings
should be submitted along with the benchmark results).  This can only
help to increase the body of knowledge on configuring the database.


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