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Re: [JDBC] ASCII to UNICODE conversion problems

Markus Schaber
Hi, Ronald,

Kris Jurka wrote:

>>I have read a lot online about how I need to convert my ASCII database
>>into UNICODE but I haven't been able to successfully do that.  I have
>>dumped the DB and then added SET CLIENT_ENCODING TO 'UNICODE'; to the
>>top of the dump file and then tried to restore it to a UNICODE encoded
>>database.  When I tried this only some of the tables (I assume the ones
>>without special characters) got imported, but many tables had zero rows.
> Basically the JDBC driver was detecting the fact that your data is not
> unicode.  You've put this into a file and labeled it unicode (via SET
> client_encoding), so now the server is complaining that your data is not
> unicode.
> You need to determine what encoding your data is actually in and convert
> it to unicode with something like iconv.

Another possibility is to create the database in unicode (or any
encoding that can store your data), and put "SET CLIENT_ENCODING TO
'your-real-encoding';" at the top of your dump file. This way PostgreSQL
will convert your data from your-real-encoding to the database encoding
on dump load, an then to unicode with JDBC access.


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