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Re: exploring exhibition opportunity at FOSS4G in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Katherine Mcmillan
Hello all,

Apparently there is lots of interest in this, so I have withdrawn my name from consideration in hopes that someone with more experience/closer to the venue has applied.  I ask you Mark, and all of Postgres Advocacy, to please consider having a woman or other minority fill this spot, especially a Canadian from an underrepresented group.  It's a wonderful opportunity, and the optics will be bad if you select a man when qualified minorities have shown interest.  If no women or other minorities have shown interest, please let me know and I will re-submit my name for consideration.

Thank you!

On Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 9:25 AM Katherine Mcmillan <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Mark,

This is a great idea! I would really like to help with this.  I've signed up to volunteer at FOSS4G, but I'm unsure if I'll have funding from the University or any other sources to actually be able to go.  If I do find I have the resources to attend, I'll let you know and would be more than happy to help staff and run this exhibition.


On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 7:08 PM Mark Wong <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm exploring the possibility to exhibit PostgreSQL at FOSS4G in
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, over August 24-29, 2020.

Part of this includes determining who is available to staff and run the
exhibition.  Please contact me directly if you are interested or know
someone who might be able to help.