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[SPAM] PostgreSQL High Availability Presentation

Richard Sayad
Hi everyone, the following event is scheduled for the PostgreSQL Sydney User Group. We would love to see you attend this function. Please RSVP using the following link: http://www.meetup.com/Sydney-PostgreSQL-User-Group/events/207980872/


In this presentation we will look at Built-in high availability options in PostgreSQL. Arul will cover HA architecures, use case scenarios, various backup and restore options, point-in-time recovery, warm standby, streaming replication features and compare other available solutions. Also included is step by step instructions on how to perform these operations.


Arul Shaji

Arul is a Database Administrator with 10+ yrs of experience in PostgreSQL as a developer and DBA. He is working at Fujitsu Australia, providing consultancy and support for various PostgreSQL customers. 


The ART House Hotel Pitt St, Sydney. 

Light drinks and refreshments will be provided by Fujitsu.


18.30 - Event commences and pre-paid Bar tab open to guests

18.40 - Food service starts - staggered untill 8pm 

Presentation Commences

20.30 - Official event concludes

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