Strange owners in Dependencies (4.28)

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Strange owners in Dependencies (4.28)

Dear Developers!

We have an application that can copy databases from our template DB.
After the copy I checked the new DB which has a new owner.

I clicked on a table and I opened the Dependencies tab.

This shows too many objects.

I see 3 owners!

One is the real owner, and two others.

I dumped the DB meta to an SQL file, and I didn't see these two extra owners.

Please help me: why does the pgAdmin show more owners on a table?

Is it a bug, or is it true?

How can I identify the relation which links these objects?
What kind of different tool I use to check if it is real or just a bug?

If I see well, the dump doesn't contain these extra owners. I suppose the link is out of the database... What could it be?

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Thank you!

Best regards