Table data editor issues on OS X

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Table data editor issues on OS X

The table data editor on OS X has been really messed up for a while  
now. I think it used to work better several months ago, but I can't  
remember exactly when.

In any case, here are the current issues:
- Opening the editor works fine (unless you're trying to use the  
filtered view, but that's another story)
- Double-clicking a field to edit it causes the whole table to go  
blank, and the text in the field you're editing is mostly out of the  
viewable area of the box
- You can't see a cursor in the field, and when you type, your  
changes aren't reflected until you click on another cell which closes  
the editor.

These issues make the table data editor largely unusable. There are  
workarounds (I usually type my changes in another program and paste  
them in after doing Select All, Delete) but they're very arduous.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior?


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