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good morning,

I want to secure a password when using the pgAdmin client to logon to the PostgreSQL DB.  No matter what passwords I put for connection with pgAdmin, all connected fine.  I have configured pg_hba.conf with md5, it works to prompt me for a password in the DB server as use psql.  If the password is not corrected, psql will prompt me an error but it's ok with pgAdmin.


host      all                 all         md5
host      all                 all                localhost         md5
host      postgres        postgres       ip.0/24           ident
host      cidr               username1    ip.0/24            password
host      cidr               username2    ip.0/24            password

would you please point me to what method should I use to authentication the log-in from the client?  It works find in AWS DB but not with Linux DB.

thank you.


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