check_pgbackrest 1.9 has been released

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check_pgbackrest 1.9 has been released

Stefan Fercot
check_pgbackrest is designed to monitor pgBackRest backups from Nagios,
relying on the status information given by the "info" command.

It allows to monitor the backups retention and the consistency of the
archived WAL segments.

Changes in check_pgbackrest 1.9:
  - The archives service will now only look at the archives listed
between the oldest backup start archive and the max WAL returned by the
pgBackRest info command. This should avoid unnecessary alerts. To extend
the check to all the archives found, the new --extended-check argument
has been implemented (suggested by blogh).
  - Remove refresh of pgBackRest info return after getting the archives
list. That avoids CRITICAL alert if an archive is generated between
those two steps. Instead, a WARNING message "max WAL is not the latest
archive" will be displayed (suggested by blogh).
  - Fix S3 archives detection (reported by khadijahvf).
  - New enable-internal-pgbr-cmds argument, for pgBackRest >= 2.28.
Internal pgBackRest commands will then be used to list and get the
content of files in the repository instead of Perl specific drivers.
This is, for instance, needed to access encrypted repositories. This
should become the default and only access method in the next release,
removing some Perl dependencies.

===== Links & Credits =====

check_pgbackrest is an open project, licensed under the PostgreSQL license.
Any contribution to improve it is welcome.

  - Download:
  - Support:

Stefan FERCOT -

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