configure; make on cygwin doesn't produce DLLs

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configure; make on cygwin doesn't produce DLLs

Curran Schiefelbein

I'm trying to compile postgres-8.2.0 from source on WinXP-SP2, for use
with libpqxx.

At first I was able to compile in cygwin with ./configure followed by
make. However, postgres-8.2.0/src/interfaces/libpq/Debug and libpqd.dll
were not created, just Release and libpq.dll, much as Brian Doyle (this
list and
and others have experienced. I'd like to get to the point of following
Bart Samwell's advice to use nmake, but unfortunately something else has
gone wrong upstream. After accidentally mucking up the directory, I
re-untarred the postgresql src package, uninstalled postgres packages
from cygwin and PostgreSQL from Windows, rebooted, and started over.

Now, from a clean src package, I get different behavior from configure.
Formerly, it seemed to build as for win32. I had a spot of trouble the
first time through with the compiler finding src/port/pg_config_paths.h
wile compiling in src/interfaces/ecpg/ecpglib. This problem did not
remanifest. Unfortunately I didn't capture the configure output the one
time it worked, but looking at the output now, configure is using the
cygwin template rather than the win32 one. Make doesn't error; neither
does it produce libpq.dll and Release much less libpqd.dll and Debug.

Short of a clean machine with a fresh install of cygwin (which I can't
afford to do; other software depends on it in fragile ways), I'm
stumped. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting configure/make to
produce these DLLs?

I will eventually be compiling libpqxx and then my client program with
MSVC 2005, so if I am barking up the wrong tree altogether, please do
say so :)


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