how use pg_dump/pg_restore

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how use pg_dump/pg_restore

Ketan S Shah


 All ,


  I am newbie to postgres database. How to take pg_dump from production database and restore into development server using pg_restore..


From documentation, I find that I have to use pg_dump for backup and pg_restore for restoration.


My database name is otsdb..


For backup…I use command


   Pg_dump otsdb > /home/Ketan/otsdbbkp.out


But after successfully dump…I can’t see the otsdbbkp.out file in /home/Ketan/


If I get otsdbbkp.out file then I copy this file on my development server and then I issue the following command …


Psql –d otsdb –f otsdbbkp.out



(my development server database name is otsdb)


pl. help me….


If any thing wrong pl. guide me..


Ketan shah