issue doing backup / restore using pgadmin III

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issue doing backup / restore using pgadmin III

Joel Fradkin

I am converting from SQLASCII to UNICODE and in the process I backed up my data base using the latest pgadmin III (fresh download on new computer win2003).

Unfortunately I deleted the ascii data base (wanted to use the same name for the Unicode). I had already saved / restored it and did not notice there were errors.

My guess is I am cooked, but thought I would ask. The bad restore file was 300k too small so I am guessing there is no longer the data anywhere.

Since I deleted the original ascii database and created one with the same name and restored some data to it.


I have a good backup from the previous day but it means losing a whole day of data (a huge disaster as we have many clients and I am sure this is going to go down poorly).


Am I correct in assuming there is nothing I can do to salvage this (I have restored the previous backup and am converting it at this time).

Just a note maybe the restore program shouldn’t return code the same when there are errors and when there are not. (I mean it was totally my fault for not looking more closely at the detail, I am sure it must of mentioned an error but it was not very obvious, I was doing it at like midnight to try and get it done with the least amount of down time).


Anyone having any ideas that will help please email me at [hidden email]


Joel Fradkin


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