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log_temp_files associated with "wrong" statement

Peter Eisentraut-6
log_temp_files makes a log entry when a temporary file is deleted.
Temporary file deletion is usually organized by the resource owner
mechanism.  So usually it happens at the end of a query.  But when the
query is run through a cursor, it happens whenever the cursor is closed.
 So you might get a log entry like this:

LOG:  temporary file: path "base/pgsql_tmp/pgsql_tmp34451.4", size 115761152
STATEMENT:  close foo;

That's a bit unhelpful, but at least you can gather some context.

It's even less helpful when the cursor is closed by the normal
transaction end, because then you can't tell from the log message which
cursor was involved:

LOG:  temporary file: path "base/pgsql_tmp/pgsql_tmp34451.4", size 115761152
STATEMENT:  commit;

But where it gets really bad is if you use an unnamed portal, for
example through the JDBC driver.  The unnamed portal is typically closed
when the next query is run.  So the temporary file log entry is in the
logs associated with the next query.  This can obviously lead to lots of
confusion when using this to debug query performance.

Thoughts on how to improve that?  Perhaps we could optionally save a
reference to the portal, or the query string itself, in the Vfd
structure and use that to log?

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