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parallel PITR for HA setup



I have a HA setup, a standby following a primary.

At beginning, when I do PITR for it, I just recover the primary the
first, then remake the standby by doing a basebackup against primary
and restart the standby with recovery.conf properly.

This works well, however, it takes long time when I have tons of data
to recover. Then I starts to find out how to do parallel PITR for both
clusters and re-establish the relationship between them. Then I find an
issue, after recovery for both clusters, they are at same LSN. Then on
the standby, I need to create a recovery.conf file, and restart it,
which will end up with standby's LSN newer than the current flushed one
on primary.

My solution to this problem is to do a restart also on primary. I
wonder if this is a proper way.

Thank you in advance!