pg_dump on a standby for a very active master

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pg_dump on a standby for a very active master

Arjun Ranade
I have a Production machine which is having objects dropped/created/truncated at all hours of the day (Read: No zero activity window).  I have multiple standbys (repmgr streaming replication) for this machine including a cascading standby.  Each night, I am attempting to take a logical backup on the standby databases via pg_dump of key schemas. 

Recently, due to the activity on the primary, pg_dump is failing on the standby usually with "ERROR:  could not obtain lock on relation."

I've had the following settings set in postgresql.conf which gave me successful backups for a while:

hot_standby = on                        # "off" disallows queries during recovery
max_standby_archive_delay = -1          # max delay before canceling queries
max_standby_streaming_delay = -1        # max delay before canceling queries
hot_standby_feedback = on               # send info from standby to prevent
wal_receiver_timeout = 300s             # time that receiver waits for

I have it set up this way because I don't mind any replication lag on the standbys during the logical backup.  However, recently logical backups have been failing either due to a table dropped/truncated on the master.

Also, I use pg_dump with the parallel option in directory format.  However, even single threaded pg_dump fails when a table is truncated on the primary.

Is there any way to guarantee consistent logical backups on a standby server with a master that has constant DDL/activity? 

I am on Postgres 10.3; RHEL 7; 128gb RAM