pg_probackup 2.1.5 released

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pg_probackup 2.1.5 released

Grigory Smolkin
Postgres Professional are proud to announce the release of pg_probackup

pg_probackup is a utility to manage backup and recovery of PostgreSQL
database cluster. It is designed to perform periodic full and
incremental page-level backups of the PostgreSQL instance that enable
you to restore the server in case of a failure.

Changes since 2.1.3

- Failed merges do not cause data file corruption anymore and can be
successfully re-run. Previously, the `out of space` error encountered
when merging compressed backups could corrupt backup files. Reported by
Ilya Skvortsov.
- When taking an archive backup from a standby, pg_probackup now always
waits for delivery of WAL segments containing STOP LSN. Failing to do so
could make the backup invalid. Reported by Alexander Nikitin.
- Server-side errors occurring during asynchronous execution of the
`pg_stop_backup()` function are now reported correctly instead of being
silently ignored. Reported by Alex Ignatov.
- Detecting a system ID mismatch when streaming or reading WAL files is
now more thorough. Reported by Rostislav Pochevalov.
-  You can now back up files that are not block size aligned.
Previously, trying to backup such files could result in an error.
Reported by Alex Ignatov.
-  Overlapping incremental backup chains are now handled correctly
during backup and retention purge. Reported by Rostislav Pochevalov.
- The `del-instance` command now correctly handles deletion of
`.history` files.
- The `checkdb` command now reports correct schema names of indexes when
used in the `--amcheck` mode.
- Restoring a backup on a remote server now uses correct flags when
creating `recovery.conf` file. Previously, trying to restore a backup on
a remote server could result in an error.
- Previously backing up of PostgreSQL 9.5 was possible only under
superuser role because of reliance on pg_switch_xlog() function which is
superuser-only. Now PostgreSQL 9.5 can be backed up by unprivileged role.
- Detecting of system ID mismatch when streaming or reading WAL files is
more thorough now, so receiving of an `alien` WAL segment can be
detected as soon as possible.
- Permission mask of non-data files is enforced during restore now, so
the original permission mask is not lost.
- Multiple typos are fixed. Reported by Alexander Lakhin.
- Build problems on Windows are fixed.

- Backup metadata is now updated every 10 seconds while the backup is
being taken, so you can track the backup completion progress.
Previously, the metadata was updated only at the start and at the end of
the backup.
- SSH connections are now closed once data file transfer is complete.
- The latest documentation is now available directly on GitHub:


Grigory Smolkin
Postgres Professional:
The Russian Postgres Company