pg_rewind and full_page_writes on zfs

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pg_rewind and full_page_writes on zfs

Malte Swart

I am currently building a PostgreSQL cluster with physical replication. I want
to disable full_page_writes as the underlaying filesystem (ZFS) prevents
partial page writes.
I would like to use pg_rewind for faster reintegration of diverted nodes but
pg_rewind refuses to act if full_page_writes are disabled.

Does anyone know whether it is safe to skip this check on ZFS?

Are there other implications of disabling full_page_writes that impact
pg_rewind? The documentation does not state any reason to enable
full_page_writes. The source code [1] mentioned something about modification
during pg_read_binary_file but I do not know if it is relevant for ZFS.

Help appreciated,