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pgFormatter 4.4 released

Gilles Darold-2
Grenoble - August 31th, 2020

**pgFormatter 4.4 released**

Version 4.4 of pgFormatter, a free and reliable tool used to format
SQL and PLPGSQL code, has been officially released and is publicly
available for download. A demonstration site is available online at

pgFormatter is the most advanced SQL and PlPgsql code formatter and
beautifier dedicated to PostgreSQL. It is provided as a CLI or a CGI

This is a maintenance release to fix issues reported by users since
the last six months. As usual there is also some improvements and
new features.

  * Add command line option --extra-function to apply formatting to
    a user defined list of function like with PG internal functions.

  * Add --no-rcfile / -X option to avoid loading user configuration
    file. Thanks to Norbert Buchmueller for the patch.

  * Add -i | --inplace command line option to override an input file
    with the resulting formatted content.

  * Add new command line option -L, --no-extra-line. By default an
    empty line is added after the end of a statement when it is
    terminated by a semi-colon except in a plpgsql code block.
    If the extra empty line at end of the output is useless, you can
    remove it by adding this option to the command line.

  * Add option -C, --wrap-comment to enable comment wrapping. Used
    to wrap comments at the length defined by -w or --wrap-limit
    whatever is the part of the comment. Indent is not included in
    the character count.

  * Add Dockerfile that builds image with pgformatter.

For the complete list of changes see:

Links & Credits

Thank to the developers who submitted patches and users who reported
bugs and feature requests, they are all cited in the ChangeLog file.

pgFormatter is an open project. Any contribution to build a better
tool is welcome. You just have to send your ideas, features requests
or patches using the GitHub tools.



About pgFormatter

pgFormatter is a SQL and PlPgsql formatter/beautifier that supports
keywords from SQL-92, SQL-99, SQL-2003, SQL-2008, SQL-2011 and
PostgreSQL specifics keywords. May works with any other databases
too. It shares the same code with pgBadger, so any improvement made
in the parser is reversed to pgBadger. Tool created and maintained
by Gilles Darold.

pgFormatter works on any platform and is available under the
PostgreSQL licence.