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pgadmin4 docker multi-arch

Raymond Mouthaan Photography
Dear pgAdmin 4 team,

Recently I came across pgAdmin 4 and noticed the docker image for it. Unfortunately this image is amd64 based which doesn't work on a arm docker host.

Therefore I create a github repo to create multi-arch images. Currently for arm32v6, arm64v8 and amd64. All these are docker manifest listed and therefore users don't need to specify the arch they require. This is automatically detected by Docker. Also these images are based on the latest version of pgAdmin 4 (version 4.3), Alpine 3.7 and Python 3.7.
The images are build and pushed by TravisCi.

Unfortunately I could find an official pgAdmin 4 repo on github to do a PR with the changes I made. Therefore I am writing this email, to ask whether you are interested in such a improved to your project?

Best regards,
Raymond Mouthaan

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