pgsql: Make index_set_state_flags() transactional

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pgsql: Make index_set_state_flags() transactional

Michael Paquier-2
Make index_set_state_flags() transactional

3c84046 is the original commit that introduced index_set_state_flags(),
where the presence of SnapshotNow made necessary the use of an in-place
update.  SnapshotNow has been removed in 813fb03, so there is no actual
reasons to not make this operation transactional.

Note that while making the operation more robust, using a transactional
operation in this routine was not strictly necessary as there was no use
case for it yet.  However, some future features are going to need a
transactional behavior, like support for CREATE/DROP INDEX CONCURRENTLY
with partitioned tables, where indexes in a partition tree need to have
all their pg_index.indis* flags updated in the same transaction to make
the operation stable to the end-user by keeping partition trees
consistent, even with a failure mid-flight.

REINDEX CONCURRENTLY uses already transactional updates when swapping
the old and new indexes, making this change more consistent with the
index-swapping logic.

Author: Michael Paquier
Reviewed-by: Anastasia Lubennikova



Modified Files
src/backend/catalog/index.c | 19 ++++---------------
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)