pgsql: Remove obsolete nbtree README commentary.

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pgsql: Remove obsolete nbtree README commentary.

Peter Geoghegan-4
Remove obsolete nbtree README commentary.

Commit d2086b08b02 removed almost all cases where nbtree must release a
read buffer lock and acquire a write buffer lock instead, so remaining
cases in which that's still necessary are not notable enough to appear
in the nbtree README.

More importantly, holding on to a buffer pin in cases where nbtree must
trade a read lock for a write lock is very unlikely to save any I/O.
This seems to have been a long overlooked throwback to a time when
nbtree cared about write-ordering dependencies, and performed
synchronous buffer writes.  It hasn't worked that way in many years.



Modified Files
src/backend/access/nbtree/README | 5 +----
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 4 deletions(-)