promise postgres that I will only ROLLBACK

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promise postgres that I will only ROLLBACK

Gergely Riskó

I have a unit testing framework, where every test is ran in BEGIN..ROLLBACK, to ensure that data created during testing is never persisted.

Now, my question is: is there any way to tell postgres that

"Look, I will never ask you for a COMMIT, therefore you don't have to lock anything for me,
you just have to do a 'snapshot', fake my writes in my view of the world, then destroy all this on rollback".

This way, I would be able to run my many test cases in parallel, without worrying about locks/deadlocks between different testcases.


I of course researched this a little bit, and I know that there are no out of the box syntax for this, but is there maybe some combinations of options which I can abuse to provide this?

(I can naturally do this on the filesystem with snapshots and LVM, but I would like something in postgres, so it doesn't become a sysadmin nightmare.)

Thank you for your ideas,
Gergely Risko