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pycon 2017 report

Mark Wong
A report from PDXPUG:

A couple weeks ago, PDXPUG staffed a Postgres booth at PyCon, which was
held in Portland, OR, USA. (  Folks there
were very excited to see us!  It seems Python developers are very pro

We had a lot of booth traffic. Gabrielle said she talked to more folks
than she has the past couple of OSCONs together (~4000 attendees at
OSCON, compared to PyCon’s ~3400).

Rough breakdown:

A large percentage of the booth visitors just stopped by to tell us how
much they love using Postgres, and to grab a bunch of stickers for their

The remainder who stuck around to talk and ask questions were mainly
intermediate level devs, sys admins, and a few DBAs.  Questions tended
along the lines of: How do I do [x] better?  Can you tell me more about
[x] feature?  How do people actually solve [x] problem?  Tell me what’s
great about 9.6 (or 10)!

Several folks expressed disappointment that there weren't any Postgres
talks;  something to think about if PyCon comes to your neighborhood!

Mark Wong                      
PostgreSQL Development, 24x7 Support, RemoteDBA, Training & Services

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