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swag distribution network

Mark Wong-5
Hi everyone,

I'd like to experiment with creating a swag distribution network. 
Ideally, this would be composed of at least one contact in countries
with activities such as PGDay events or conferences where PostgreSQL is
being exhibited.

The role of each contact would be to receive, store and distribute swag,
as well as track how much swag is actually distributed in order for us
to make appropriately-sized orders.

When receiving swag, it will be important to be responsible for dealing
with customs as needed, as there may be fees associated with receiving
packages from outside countries.  Customs will need to dealt with in a
reasonable amount of time or else packages will be returned or, worse,

When distributing swag, the contact needs to be responsible for shipping
swag to people or events as needed, or be delivering swag themselves to
these events.

Contacts will need to pay fees out of pocket, but the funds group can
authorize reimbursement as requested.

The type of swag that would be distributed include die-cut Slonik
stickers and yearly stickers of major release artwork.  Other items may
include things like lapel pins or baseball caps.

I only wanted to touch on some of the responsibilities in this message
and will plan on detailing them more on the community wiki if we move

If you are interested and able for being a contact for the country you
reside in, please contact me directly at <[hidden email]> for
future communications.  I'm also happy to address any questions or
concerns here.